Before coming back to this city, I always tried to visit places I’ve never been to before. For too long I have only looked at Dubai from the windows of its airport or during these small periods of time of landing and taking off until one day I decided to stop there for a couple of days. I would wander around alone, take a taxi, a metro, different bus lines. I would also go to the beach alone – it felt safe to do that.

Because in Dubai I feel comfortable. I feel good. So good that I want to come back. I love the old towns full of history and people committed to producing real masterpieces, which nowadays I am not even sure that they could be created in the same manner, but I also love the glass skyscrapers in front of which I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

But Dubai is not only Burj Khalifa, the sail, the palms and everything that comes to our minds when we think of this city. Dubai has its own history, old markets, Dubai Creek with its boats, Deira, the market full of cheap and fake things, and plenty other authentic and exotic places. And it is so full of all kinds of things, so it’s definitely not enough to visit it just once. Or twice in my case. So I think I will come back.

For the New Year’s Eve maybe!?


Always under construction, always different


The color of the sand. The color of Dubai.


No, it’s not Disneyland! It is the Palm Jumeirah.


Level 43 Sky Loung. I don’t need to say anything more!


With my nose upward


My favorite place  – Marina


Oh my Godness!


Fashionable Dubai (For more info: Reinvent yourself by Nicoleta Buru)


Dubai Creek


One of the favorite places for the wedding shooting


Traffic. Sheikh Zayed Road.


Could not miss. Burj Khalifa.


Living in a dream


Kiss and goodbye