That the capsule collection is now trendy, it is well known. And that OVS recently boasted a remarkable momentum of its brand thanks to the collaborations with Elio Fiorucci, Alberto Aspesi and Costume National, this is also well known. On the other hand, the unusual collaboration between the abovementioned artists is still such a nice surprise.

The former creative director of Hermès, Jean Paul Gaultier, who still remains loyal to his everlasting “punk sentiment” with a unique and out-of-the-norm style, will be signing his collection in limited quantity of garments (60 in total, including accessories), which are to be for sale starting November. Online as well. And you never know whether something extraordinary will come up, something in the same vein as the famous cone bra from the 80s, which was invented for Madonna by Gaultier himself. From the eternal enfant terrible you can expect virtually anything. This time with the prices that are more affordable then ever.