I don’t live in New York City where girls wear sneakers to walk and those carrying high heels in their bags or in their hands, but I caught myself a few times doing just that. In the car, when I don’t want to ruin the décolleté, or when I have to wear 8-centimeter heels (imagine those of 12 centimeters), it can be exhausting while trying to reach the destination. In some cases, it can actually be lethal. Yet, at the presentation of his new book “Fleeting gestures and obsessions”, Manolo Blahnik claims that the high heels of 8 centimeters are optimal for a woman. However, sometimes I need to attend a presentation or an elegant aperitif so, although in Milan somehow everything is permitted while being stylish, the so-called “dress code” includes high heels and not the sneakers however they are signed, stylish or trendy. And thus, my bag which, to be exact, should be called “the hand luggage”, like the one that is accepted by the low cost airlines, apart form the laptop, the book, the portfolio, which is as big as a a clutch bag, the cell phone and its charger, as well as the one for the mac, some fruit which serves as a snack, a bottle of water and so on and so forth, I also have to put in a pair of high heels. Yes, I am saving my feet, but what about the shoulder? The weight of the bag makes me walk with uneven shoulders, tilted to one side like Tower of Pisa holding up the bottom of the bag with my hands. And I am realizing that I am not the only one. The Milanese women are walking, almost throughout the whole day wearing flat shoes and XXL sized bags which inside definitely hide a pair of some elegant shoes. These are meant to be taken out and put on strictly in the office elevator, in a bathroom, on the stairs or in the hallways which nobody ever uses.

For Milan is trendy, it is the one that dictates the fashion to the rest of the world, and on the profiles of the various fashion bloggers you see them always dressed up in 12-centimeter Laboutins (worn for shootings only), and even if you can see any type of clothing, combination and clothes beyond your wildest imagination, you will never see a woman wearing high-heeled shoes in her hands and the adidas on their feet. This particular detail is hidden from the eyes of others. Because it’s just not finnesse, if you walk on the razor’s edge of good taste and similar things, teach us the Milanese, it must remain invisible for the eyes of others. This is true elegance, right there.

PS. A few days ago, folded under the steering wheel trying to change the shoes I looked like one of those people who try to turn on the engine using wires attempting a car theft. I dare you to try taking off your sneakers and slipping on those with high heels within this tiny space, and at the same time try not to give too much attention. I guess we need a manual for this one, don’t we!?

high heels vs sneakers