This summer I betrayed Efisio. He took a vacation, 15 unforgivable days long, and I wanted to take one, as well. Everybody knows that summer is dangerous and going out off the beaten track can cause a person to snap. But then, no matter how much the taste of my vacation was intriguing, irresistible and tantalizing as all new things, my escape had to be short. Very soon I felt the nostalgia for the usual spaces, for the usual perfumes and the usual taste. So, when he came back, even though I wanted to rush to him at once, at 6 o’clock, I decided to rather make him suffer a little bit. Just to punish him because he made me wait for so long, due to his vacation. Namely, if he didn’t take this vacation at this specific time, I would never act like this, this must be clear.

Still, at 9.15 I was already there, sitting at my small table in the corner browsing the newspapers and enjoying the best cappuccino in the whole world. The one that Efisio makes, in fact. He’s my bartender, you see.


PS. While I was wearing a foamy mustache with a little cocoa on my upper lip, I was throwing at him fierce glares asking him in a low voice and between my teeth how his vacation was, while displaying complete indifference, and I asked this just out of courtesy. And when he asked me how I went through those 15 days with the bar closed, I told him that I found another one. A good one. Too good. Maybe next time he will think twice before he pushes me between the doors of another bar forcing me to betray him.