– I always smile when I see them. I look them in the eyes and I smile.  And I imagine a warm home somewhere in Milan reach by climbing the stairs, where you enter in the enveloping hug of serenity that only a home can give you, that only a woman that lives there can gives you. The woman to whom these flowers are addressed. Yes, I imagine things like that. And I smile. –

uomo con i fiori

{Those men with the bouquet in their hands}


– He has found his place in Milan 158 years before I have it. Together with his four cast iron sirens clutching an oar in their hands, he has seen the light (and also a lot of fog) in 1842. But earlier this romantic bridge was located at the San Damiano road (now Via Visconti di Modrone) and then has been moved in the Sempione park where it is today. The city is full of these little gems. You just have to want to see them –




– The flea markets have those magic taste. Taste of memories. Taste of experiences that do not belong to us but who become ours in the moment when they begin to live in our house. Milan has many of them and spend there a few hours on Sunday allows us to find, between the old and dusty things from the past, something new for the present time. Sometimes just a nice break. And it is already enough –


{Flea markets}


– Anything, but really any kind of thing you can think about you’ll find here –