When I finally heard my phone ringing I also noticed that I had 10 missed calls. The calls had been made after midnight, so after I did some calculations I figured that Stè had called me 10 times in 10 minutes, which is one call per minute.

It would have been enough to send me a text“, I said.

Oh well, one wants to hear you to wish you a happy new year and instead of being happy you complain.”, answered Stè and then he started shouting “Haaaaapyyy neeeew yeeear!!! It’s going to be wonderful, sparkling, full of magic, absolutely wow. You’ll see!!!’’

‘’Look, it would be enough if it turns out better than the one that’s just past. You can keep the sparks, thank you’’, I said trying to get away from the loud music.

Well, that doesn’t take much. So who did you kiss at midnight!?

No, I want to know whom did YOU kiss at midnight since you’re in Paris, and the magic happens right there, am I right?

The question should be whom I didn’t kiss!!! That’s the whole point! And just so you know it is solely your fault that you didn’t want to come with me“, Stè started laughed like a madman, he was so happy and his laugh is as always so contagious. “Look, we’ll see more of each other on January the 6th, just to make a few more wishes for the day“, he joked.

What a cliché…bye-bye, Befana (the Christmas witch)“, I hanged up and sighed.

I miss Stè. I miss the loved ones who are far away. I miss the ones I have lost, the ones that don’t text me anymore because they forgot, because life separated us. All of those who are gone for some reason, I gather them in my heart at midnight on New Year’s to wish them all the best.

I sit on the wall and breathe fresh air. I officially entered the twelfth year of my life in Milan. And I’m happy that the year 2011 is gone. It was one of the most difficult years of my life.

I sigh again and at that moment I receive a text message. And it’s Stè who writes, “Yes, I know. It wasn’t easy. Indeed, it has been one very shitty year…but remember Forrest Gump, he’d say that life is a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re going to get! And you know that I love you, blond girl.

I start laughing, only Stè can write something like that. But this is also true. Nothing has ever been easy. From 1990 until today, my life has been a roller coaster that got me going through some really rough times.

So it only makes sense for me to stay on this rollercoaster, as it’s the same force that’s responsible for getting me here.

Welcome, year 2012! Do you know that you actually look like a box of chocolates!?