The Milanese women, they love scooters. Actually, I think it’s in their DNA. It’s simply because when in Milan, you definitely want to:

– be everywhere on time

– get a parking space without freaking out

– look really sexy

Now, you don’t need to follow this particular order, but you must have a scooter, that’s a rule. So, when it comes to possessing one, I am a real Milanese, it’s just that I don’t have a scooter yet. But I do have a goal that I am very much committed to (to buy one), and this totally gives me the right to consider myself a Milanese. Right? Right.

The other day I saw a girl getting off a scooter, a helmet still on her head, as she was approaching the cash machine. Now, I know that the idea of taking the helmet off for just a couple of seconds and then putting it on again is not the first thing to come to her mind (at least not through the helmet barrier!?), but it was a funny scene, for sure. Let’s be honest, she looked like a Martian. Although in this case this helmet thing could have been justified by the shortness of the action–just a few steps and you’re back on the bike, later on I witnessed a lot of people, even at the supermarket and at the post office, they did the same thing. And since it’s not winter and the helmet did not become an alternative hat that protects you from the cold, this strange behavior started messing with my mind.

Aaaah yeees, you want to say I forgot the fact that Milan is the city of fashion!? That this is the place of the birth and the death of ideas that can come in or out of style whenever they choose!?

This actually shows us how this helmet thing can become cool only for the fact that it pleases us. Shame on me, as I haven’t thought of that!

So for the next appetizer, I invite all of you to come with your helmets on.

Ah, you don’t have a scooter ?! What the hack, that’s your problem!

I wonder if she will remove it later if ?! It goes so well with the shoes!

She says that keep the helmet is COOL

And what about her?!