I travelled to Formentera at the end of May. Because I really could not imagine myself in the queue with the other tourists to get into the beach, to have a cot, elbowing for a few centimeters for the towel or to travel for hours those two roads crossing the island. And also because Formentera costs so much in the full season, and also in May. And I wanted it all to myself. Or almost.

I love the Caribbean, for its colors, those of the sea, sand, houses, clothes and plants. And find the Caribbean in the middle of Europe was simply Wow!

I get attached to places and every time there is something that I would take with me to Milan. A habit, a smell, a building, a corner, a restaurant, a way of doing or a lifestyle. And I always feel down on the way back home. Leaving Formentera was particularly tough. Because although seven days are not to much, they are still enough to fall in love with the island.

Wouldn’t you like to stay here forever?!


The yachts that floats

Playa de ses Illetes

I want to live like that

On the road

Let’s have a ride

FF – Fashion Formentera


Is it on sale?!

Bye my island, thank you for the great sunsets