I love sandwiches. And if you think they are not healthy you’re wrong. For so long time I tried to find sandwiches in Milan like the ones I used to have in Belgrade. I couldn’t understand why these that were sold here were mostly dry and always done in the same way: ham and mozzarella, ham and tomatoes or salad. Some small changes here and there. But the sauces were nonexistent, so the sandwich always comes out dry and tasteless.

Then I discovered the Panino Giusto.

And when they invited me to Panino Giusto on the Liberty Square to taste the three new sandwiches that were about to leave for PANINO TOUR which includes London, Cupertino, Tokyo, Yokohama and Hong Kong, I can admit I was excited.

And I was right to be so!

A pleasant chef Alessandro Frassica (http://www.inofirenze.com/) showed the journalists how to prepare sandwiches. Crudo, Marino and Fresco, 3 simple names to pronounce and remember, who speak Italian. And they were to present to the whole world the sandwich craft made in Italy.

“To make known what defines Panino Giusto – the art of the italian sandwich – it’s better to start simple, by combining flavors, textures and properties of the ingredients in a harmonious way” – says Alessandro, the ambassador for these sandwichies.

So: sweet gorgonzola, ham of Langhirano 26 months, mustard, gently spicy peppers, then hummus, mackerel fillets in olive oil, olives, tomatoes, zucchini and an eggplant grilled and marinated in olive oil and herbs, roasted almonds in grains, tomatoes confit cream, mesclun salad, sesame seeds and chia. Try and guess which ingredients go into each sandwich!?

I was licking my moustache, as all three kinds were awesome.

So what are you still doing there at your computer? Come on, get up and go and try them. You won’t regret it.

You have a word of the Stranger. Me.