I have to warn you about one thing. In Milan you take risk of bumping into other people all the time. And I’m not talking about bumping into them while driving a car. I mean bumping into them on the sidewalks. Because people can stop suddenly, they immobilize just like in a movie scene where they freeze in horror. Or they follow a strange trajectory zigzagging, as if they were drunk, really heavily drunk. They bow their head, they stare at the ground and the sidewalks of Milan have nothing to look at (except for the sample in a gallery Vittorio Emanuele). So what happens? The Milanese walk while texting. They write, read or listen to their messages. Sometimes they dictate them, but these are often Chinese. Depending on what they’re doing while they’re walking determines their behavior. If they stop, if they slow down, if they bump into you, if they cut your way or go right and left.

If you have a driver’s license B it’s not enough if you live here. Oh no, you need to take one special licence for a “Milanese walk”, which is already really difficult because it is very quick (they are always in a hurry), but in this case it can also become very complicated.

PS This text was written while I was sitting comfortably on the sofa. If you read it while walking, the author of the article is not responsible for any accidents you may encounter. Except for those romantics, where, after the impact, with another human being like yourself, you looked up and recognized the love of your life. Here I would like to be informed, just so I know it happens in real life. I am an incurable romantic.