Yes, it happened to me, as well. I got off the subway with the sunglasses still on and I kept them like that. I was so lost in thought that I forgot I was wearing them. Of course, I started wondering why the Milan metro is so dark compared to all the others, but only after a while I realized that the strange greyish color everywhere around me was due to the shade of the lenses.

Then I started to notice them more and more often. The creatures with sunglasses even in the darkness of the Milan subway. All these distracted people like myself, you’d say. Too easy. They read the books (or stare at their mobile screens), talk to their friends, or are just looking around quietly. Because they know they have them on. And they do it on purpose.

Why do they do this?

And how am I supposed to know that!? I just wanted to ask you that!

PS Maybe they are all famous movie stars who have to wear them, because they don’t want to be recognized!? Yes, it has to be that! Because Milan is just like Hollywood and various Katie Holmes (that you can see on the photo) are everywhere.