You have to do it now. What do you mean what!? Turn your backpack, so that you carry it on your chest. You know, like a baby carrier, only you won’t be carrying a baby in there, but tricks, portfolios, and who knows what other kind of junk. It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you put it up front.

Ok, the Japanese that always end up being those who dress in the strangest and the most eccentric manner, they do it because they are afraid of being robbed. But come on, we’re not exactly in one of “those cities,” oh no…here they do it for fashion, not for the thieves. And since we don’t know what else to invent (the hem of their jeans have already been cut in all, absolutely all possible ways), there aren’t many new things left to discover. So this is why we have backpacks in the front. Or maybe we will start wearing shoes on our heads. Or inverted pants, who knows. Things like that. Anything but trivial. As Milan has to be far from being that, for sure!

The trends are often born in China Town




Or perhaps because in front you notice it more

The stars take them like this

And men like this