A Milanese woman lately wonders to herself whether she should be dating a man who wears colored socks or the one who doesn’t wear any (because there really isn’t that much of a choice). You might argue, how about a pair of normal black socks, or why not consider the darkest shade of blue, huh? Oh no, too simple for this city. Too “normal”. In Milan, where everything is design, you think that a pair of socks can somehow be of some dull color that don’t, at least, make you blind at night!? That they could somehow go unnoticed!?

So here they are, parading striped socks, red socks, yellow or green. Or no socks. A beautiful naked ankle which emerges from the hem of the pants and shoes even when there’s zero degrees outside. They are being worn (or not worn) by the creatives, the designers, the Lapo style entrepreneurs, and those who work in fashion indrustry, but also the sellers in the city center shops. And the Milanese women need to adapt. They identify themselves with Hamlet (a modern Hamlet, you would agree).

Colored socks or no socks, that is the question. And what a question!

Or wihout the socks

or colored socks?

maybe yellow?

or red one?

Or sockless trend?

At the end there is nothing new, look at the Cary Grant

Or stripe socks?

Because something more sober is totally out