You must have noticed them. They flutter out of the windows of the cars, they’re comfortably resting on the steering wheel, or maybe they’re one millimeter away from your eyes on the tram, or flatting on the scooter’s handlebar. It is almost as if they have a life of their own, regardless of the arm they’re attached to. I am talking about the Pandora bracelets, Tiffany and Dodo. Because lately every Milanese worthy of self-respect has to have at least one, but more often all three at once. Other trademarks are out of the question, the same goes for the imitations with different names. It has to be these three only. Why is that, no one can understand very well (apart from the obvious fact that they are really beautiful). Except for the fact that a trendy city of Milan is the one who created this tendency. And the Milanese respect it. Do not mention it! When it comes to the rules Milano has primacy. And the rules are to be kept very firm.




Or 3 of them together like in my case?