To read the Chloe’s blog I use Google translate, because I don’t speak French. Chloe chose to write the blog in her mother tongue for the reasons that she’ll explain to you through our chat below. She is also a stranger who wanted to make her (our) city closer to all of those who speak French.

Who is Chloe?

Chloe is French, adapted Milanese, she’s multilingual, an entrepreneur and a marketing professor. She’s also a mother-of-three, a great optimist and passionate about books, culture and Milan!

Here she is on the photo!

(ps. we continue our chatting below)

Why Milan?

Milan is a story of love at first sight. Since 1996, I liked the city and its rhythm. I chose this one as my new home and I started taking care of it.

Why the idea of this blog?

The idea for ​​the blog was born with the intent of sharing my experience of living in Milan. It often happened that I had to act as a traveling guide for my foreign friends who would visit Milan. Thus was born, where I started giving advice to the people who wanted to discover Milan and do it with a friend.

Why did you choose to do it in French?

Italy and Milan are very much appreciated abroad, especially in France. There are many web guides and tourist guides in Italian and English language, but there isn’t any blog and personal information in French.

What do you like about Milan?

Milan is a dynamic city, very active, culturally and businesswise. I like to take my bike and just go around and watch the city. We often don’t take the time to “get lost” and admire the wonderful palaces from the nineth century, the inner courtyards, the monuments. Also, new modern city has been designed with numerous architectural and design projects. In like manner, the aperitif is an institution not to be missed!

What is it that you don’t like about Milan?

The livability in Milan has improved, I would like more security for bikes, more integration between different cultures and inhabitants that come from various backgrounds, to become a safer and more pleasant city to live and share.

Would you like to live here forever?

Milan is the home of my heart. I will always feel at home here. Especially in the next few years, as I intend on taking part in the development and the wellbeing of the city.

What is your job?

I’m an entrepreneur in business development, I teach luxury and fashion marketing at the Academy of Luxury in via Montenapoleone. I’m also one of the editors for, a magazine on economy and culture, which stands for a landmark in the cooperation and development between the Italy and France. And I also created!

Is there a post from my blog which you like the most, or which resonates with you?

On your blog I really liked the “This is why I love Milan” with suggestions for discovering Milan and life in Milan, and the post “Milano which runs on its heel” – the 12-centimeter heel is a must!