A grammar mistakes finder!? You must have told to yourself, ‘’What is she talking about?’’ That’s ok. I’ll explain it to you. Just a little patience.

I absolutely love the people who are thinking ’’outside the box’’. Creative, bold, people who take risk, and never lose hope. Beatrice is a real example of one of these kind of people. You can meet her through her website, where you can right away feel her passion for words, communication and books. I actually met her thanks to her site www.langolodeilibri.it. If you take time and read our little chit-chat you’ll get to know her even better. And trust me, it’ll be worthwhile.

PS. I really dislike the sites where they write under the posts how much time you need to read it. You must be familiar with one of these sites where it reads: Time needed to read – 2 minutes. And this really gets on my nerves, because it seems that they always want you to keep in mind that you don’t have enough time. I, on the other hand, hope that you will now afford yourself a cup of good coffee, find a comfy place and try, at least virtually, to meet one new person, without having someone to measure your time with a stopwatch!

What else is Beatrice like (except from being a book lover, of course)?

Where should I begin? I’m a blogger, a journalist, a web editor, a mom, a wife, a ’’serial reader’’ (in the same vein as a serial killer…oh, come on, don’t fuss, I can’t find an adequate translation from Italian! – these are my words, not Beatrice’s), a grammar mistakes finder, a creative brain, a good listener…shall I continue???   

Can you describe your typical workday?

Even though I’m a real organizational maniac and my life is full of all kinds of to-do lists, each morning I wake up and really have no idea about what can happen next, and I mean it in a good sense, of course. Since I work from home and have a little baby girl, my working hours are not fixed and I merely depend on the help her father provides me, as he takes over the play rug during the time of the lunch break and after dinner. During these moments I try and give all of my attention to the editing work, writing, cutting, rearranging and correcting.

Basically, concerning the fact that my daughter has some already formed habits, I get up early in the morning and work on my computer till 11 o’clock. After that, if we skip the stolen moments, I manage to still do a bit of work in the afternoon, between two snacks, reading fairy tales and ’’circle games’’. Until recently I used to work in the evenings, as well, on Saturdays and Sundays, but I decided that family is my top priority, so now I own my weekends.

Can one make a living doing this work?

You know, I never myself believed it was possible, but it is! In fact, I’ve been doing this job for a few years now, but I’ve been a 100% freelancer for only a year. Until September 2015 I was doing a part time job in a communication agency, while in my spare time I collaborated as a web editor and SEO specialist. Then I got laid off (I got a sack one week before I went to labor, to be precise! Oh, yes, in Italy they allow these things to happen, as well), so at that moment I was jobless and about to have a baby. Still, I decided to give it another shot, this time as a freelancer. The year 2016 was the year of my free career launch, so I can’t complain. I was a part of some really exciting projects and I met a lot of interesting people. I sent many accounting messages, some of them were endorsed and some of them were not taken into account, but I managed to contribute to my family and be really content. I hope this is just the beginning.

Considering the fact that you’re an expert in the field of communications, what advice would you give to people who would want to become bloggers?

Above all – do read: their colleagues’ blogs that deal with the same issues and use similar arguments, so as to figure out what to do next (to WORK, and not copy) or not do, the books with the advice on communications written by experts (Domitilla Ferrari, Annamaria Testa, Luisa Carrada, just to name a few) and follow the websites that they like and look up to. I truly started to like blogging by following Clio Make Up and Chiara Maci, the two pretty ordinary women who opened the door to their own home for all of us, in order to reveal the tricks and tips of their professions and passions. In my case of bookblogging, I’d like to be more like these two ladies: not a consultant nor an influencer, but a friend you can ask for advice about a good book for reading.

Another very important thing: you absolutely have to proofread the text a few times before you press the PUBLISH button. Reading a text full of grammar mistakes can be extremely repulsive, and, in my opinion, it conveys a message that you don’t care enough about the people who read it.

On your website you write about many things, amongst which is also the ’’maintaining good relations with journalists and influencers’’ (you also mentioned the word ’’influencer’’ above). Let’s explain to the people who’re not familiar with the word, what exactly is an influencer, how does one become an influencer?

Here we open a very large chapter. Influencers – who are they? Who can tell? In my opinion, they themselves are not really aware they are influencers. We’re talking about people, and most often they are journalists or experts in some sector, although this is not always the case (unfortunately). So, they have a great number of readers (famously called followers) online, on the blog or on the social networks, and they’re capable of influencing their public with the fashion trends they dictate or the advice they give.

I don’t think there is only one way of becoming an influencer: Enrico Mentana (the famous Italian journalist) – the MIA 2016 award winner can be said to be the most famous influencer, yet he prefers to be refered to as a journalist. Likewise, Alberto Angela, who can be classified as the second most famous influencer, I bet he would prefer to have something else written in his personal ID. On the other hand, the people who are more into social media, like Selvaggia Lucarelli, the person who dictates trends, and is followed by an enormous number of people, is pretty skillful at manipulating public opinion and knows how to make an influence. Currently in the world of web marketing, these people are believed to be even more important from the traditional media houses: many of my clients are more interested in making contacts with bloggers and ’’influencers’’ who are important within a certain sector, and who have great impact on the public opinion. People who have a winning strategy are, in my opinion, the ones who are most realistic, they act as our neighbors or friends, who are ready to give us their opinion and advice based on real experience (nonsponsored experience, of course).

This is Beatrice. I put the picture in the middle of the text on purpose, just so you know who you’re dealing with.


What’s your greatest satisfaction that comes with your websites?

Each website that I create gives me enormous pleasure. Each time I finish some work I feel like I just finished New York marathon: tired but happy. Whether it’s about a simple ‘’landing page’’ or a rather complex site with digital connection strategies and social networks I need to include or Adwords campaigns I need to create, the moment I witness a satisfied client I know I did a good job. My goal is to help to small and medium-sized enterprises, craftsmen and free artists find their own place on the web by teaching them how to approach social media and how to use new tools for communication in order to create their own loyal audience. Of course, the companies are attracted by the ’’lead’’ and the figures which I can help them create, but, as I try to explain to my customers, we’re not talking about exact science here. I can bring them users, but whether they buy a certain product or service, depends on them (and this very product or service).

How much time does it take you to update your sites?

When it comes to the website of a client this depends on the strategy that I choose beforehand. Mostly I try to offer one content a week if I work on company blogs, and (at least) two to three posts a week if I work on Facebook or other social networks.

Theoretically speaking, this is how I’d want my own websites to be dealt with, primarily my blog, but this doesn’t work every time.  

How come you hate Tuesdays?

Tuesday is a day of the week that needs to be erased from a calendar: it is still far away from the following weekend, which is like a mirage image seen from that perspective…In short, I suggest that Tuesday becomes a non-working day. What do you think? (Oh, yes, I absolutely agree, I’d add Wednesday, too!!!)

What do you do when people don’t reply to your messages? Do you resend them or you wait?

Firstly, I find that kind of behavior definitely rude. Admittedly, it happens to me, as well, especially at the blog on books. I receive tons of emails from the new writers who seek publicity or just their book to be mentioned, and I’m not able to reply on time. The way I want to, I mean. I believe it’s extremely important to give someone a feedback. Not replying to emails is like not saying hello back to a person, or like not saying thanks to someone who just held a door for you.

I don’t like being too persistent. When a person doesn’t reply I figure that the body of my email wasn’t catchy enough and I just drop it.

Approximately how many books do you read monthly (if you had to measure it)?

Since a couple of years ago I started keeping record on this, in addition to just doing reviews. I set a goal – reading 60 books a year, which is 5 books a month. Last year I was close to this figure (50 books read), and the year before that I surpassed myself (61). Let’s say we’re talking about a book a week, more or less. But I also have a little trick which I use for this purpose: http://www.langolodeilibri.it/un-libro-settimana/.

Since you are a kind of person who loves reading books, what do you think of movies that are made by the books?

I dedicated one column on my blog to this particular subject. But let’s just say that every time I had to choose I’d choose a book! There were few times when I felt that the movie was better than the novel, or at least as intricate and alluring. Among the movies I recently saw, which could belong to this category, is ’’Gone Girl’’ by David Fincher (but you need to read a book first because otherwise you can ruin the end of the book), Via dalla pazza folla nella trasposizione by Thomas Vinterberg and ’’The Danish Girl’’ by David Ebershoff (with phenomenal Eddie Redmayne).

What are your goals for the 2017?

I want to get closer to the readers of my blog and my professional site. Reading more, definitely (and being pickier about the books, as well) and spend time outdoors as much as possible – working, of course – but enjoying the sun, as well, instead of just slaving in front of computer screen inside of an office.