Laura reminds me of the stars like Sophia Loren. Beautiful, with a hint of Dita Von Teese. A warrior, one who dares and who chose to make it as a fashion blogger, even though she lives in Teramo with two children and often has to move in order to attend events, or make trips.

 Who is Laura?

I am a blogger and a community manager, who also juggles mom duties (I became mum very early, I was twenty years old), and all the obstacles an independent woman inevitably faces.

Today I live alone with my two children and work from home as a freelancer. I’m addicted to travel, TV series, music and carbohydrates (even though I am a pure disaster in the kitchen).

I’m curious by nature, I love to discover new things, and I find beautiful everything that is forgotten and abandoned. I shoot pictures compulsively, I don’t like frills and I am minimal in everything: a few objects (this doesn’t apply to make-up), a few friends, a few chats.

What is the main reason for creating this blog?

The blog was created because I needed to surround myself with people who had the same interests, but the truth is my colleagues came up with this idea, because they referred to me as the most reliable person for tips on fashion and make-up. I take great pleasure in giving people advice (never unsolicited advice, of course). I also used to have a difficult time then, and I knew that getting closer to the world that I had left for work and family (I studied communications and fashion) would be good for me. And so, after a year of hesitation, I decided to give it a chance.

By the way, what did I tell you about diva?!

When did it become a job?

While I was pregnant with my second child I began receiving the first proposals for budgets. I had already worked with very important companies, but I really had no idea that one can make a living with a blog, for me it was just a hobby. After a few months, twenty days after the birth of Andrea, I said goodbye to my permanent contract. After the initial shock, I threw myself fully on Rock’n’Mode. I didn’t want to stay away from Andrea so early and I felt I could do it.

Today I take care of my family by myself and rely on the blog only, although now I feel the need for more stability in that sense. Living away from Milan is my main obstacle, but for the moment I can handle it very well.

What were your activities before this?

After I launched the blog, I was already a mother and I worked as an assistant in a famous shop for accessories, although it wasn’t my main aspiration.

There are plenty of fashion blogs today, how can we see the difference?

The difference is always in what a person has to say, if they have to.

What is the difference between rock’n’mode and other blogs with similar subject?

I never pretended to be different from others, but I am aware of the fact that, ironically, the attitude of never doing anything for pleasure serves me the most.  

How do you decide what to write about?

I don’t like being forced into something with too many arguments, so I tend to ignore “the trend of the moment”, thus I write only when I really have something to say. Writing for someone else is another thing, in which case I do it and I’d certainly do it more willingly. If I have something to say, I put down some ideas, although most of them remain in a draft folder as posts that never get published—these are usually the most personal.

When do you usually write?

Working from home has its negative aspects, I get distracted a lot and always have something else to do. I can definitely say that it’s easier for me to write with a full stomach, so let’s say after breakfast or lunch.

You are not a wonderwoman, still you find a way to manage a blog, travel and two children. How you do that?

There are periods of time when I have to travel all the time, but I swear that I travel much less than it seems from the social media. The only way to escape is to delegate, especially with children. If I had no one to help me with them, I couldn’t engage in this activity. Even with the blog I know I can improve a lot, but I still need to learn how to be more organized and less emotional.

What is sofa team?

Sofa team is my jewel, my happy little oasis. Two years ago I pictured in my mind a community dedicated to livetweeting TV and, oddly enough, I put it into practice. Together with some friends I set up a project – which now follows along with Flaviana Boni and Iris Tinunin, who are bloggers, too, as well as my dear friends, and a few months after the launch we were presented on stage by Simona Ventura.

Today we are a community of more than 7,000 people and recently, much to our surprise, we received two nominations for Macchianera Awards in 2016 for the best hashtag and the best community.

I decided to spend this weekend out of town. Would you recommend a place for visit?

If it’s just for a weekend, no doubt Copenhagen! The airport is located near the city, so for a single weekend it’s more than feasible, and then the city is beautiful and really worth a visit despite the bitter cold.

What’s the greatest satisfaction that you gained thanks to this site?

Thinking about a particular event, if ten years ago someone told me I would attend an Armani fashion show, I’d never believe it. But, in general, the greatest satisfaction came through the site, and it was similar to having to break my glass bell: before the blog, I was afraid to do many things, such as public speaking, move on my own, taking the plane.

Today I am totally independent and I believe there is really nothing I can’t do.