I’m sitting/lying on the couch. Lately, it is my favorite place. It’s kind of a command spot. From here I communicate with the world, I write, read, translate, investigate, do some phone calls. Sometimes I eat too (but shhhhh … Don’t tell it to anybody!) And I do the shopping. Of course, there is something magical in having all the store (virtual but it’s just the same) just for me, where I can browse the catalog, look around, go back, look around again, put it in the wish list, then in the shopping cart, then take it out of the basket … In short, it’s fun. It is comfortable. It’s easy. (Abstain those that in Italy are so called “Hands with holes” because it can become dangerous for the wallet)!!! And above all it is useful to be able to make online shopping in Milan, a city where, as you know, there is never time to waste.

And so comfortably sitting on the sofa I click on Weygo “The Shopping of Milanese people”. It’s a new service. So try it out. And since I am a little bit milanese too (although I call myself a stranger in Milan), I start to walk in this virtual supermarket, which unlike the others has a part that I like very much and that strikes me immediately: “Asia” (my passion for that part of the world is well-known). And then there is “Out of All”, “50% Discounts” and so on.

Weygo is handy, has a simple, intuitive graphics, warns you if you are putting in the shopping bag something that expires in a few hours, suggests the time of the day where you might be more comfortable getting what you’ve ordered at home. I click, put in the shopping cart, then click again, put in the shopping cart …. And then I pay. And wait. My stuffs comes on time, in the bags that respect the environment, divided into “Fresh”, “Fragile”, “Frozen”, etc .. The cost of delivery 3.50 euro. Decisively less than those that I used before.

Try it. An online shopping, what else?! As in all things, it’s the only way to figure out if you like it or not. And let me know.

Because we have it (as their slogan says)

 But especially let me know if you did it from your desk, bed, wc (what?! There are lots of people who are doing that form the bathroom). Or from the couch or cellphone while you were on the tram. No, it’s not so important, it’s just a survey, my curiosity.

Why, I can’t do some surveys too?!