I understand the fashion, slash trend, slash MUST IT, slash utility (this maybe less!) on this winter when you could find the fur in any color!  And not only the fur but also the green parks with the fur around the hood. Electric blue and fuchsia. Or yellow. It does not matter. The colors were all there.

Only that with the summer slippers with the fur I have some problems. I mean, it’s like having Chewbecca on your feet!

One: Because we are in the middle of June and it is already hot as in August at Cuba (maybe I was there now!) So I can not imagine all that hair on my feet.

Two: Because it’s ok that it’s fashion, slash trends, slash MUST IT, but here I really can’t find the utility even if I try very hard. Or maybe there is but I’m just not able to find it. Is it a new way to make a sauna on your feet? Something I have not yet been informed about, which I am not aware of? Maybe it’s enjoyable? Or healthy? Like eating the ice cream in winter time (as Swedish and Finnish do)?! Or drinking hot tea in the summer (as it recommend by Tuareg)?

I – really – don’t – have – a – clue

Three:                         Complete this empty space by yourself.

Blessed ignorance.
In this case mine.

Kardashian sisters also suffer for fashion (but this was already known). One in “sporty” and “easy” version while the other sister is much more elegant. Signed Zara. Or almost.