Something’s going to happen.
But I do not know what, and I do not know where.
Otherwise, he would not be here.

What do you mean who is HE?! If you have not noticed yet a Pharaoh who is walking through the streets of Milan you should know that you are the only ones. Well, no, it’s not one of those you see in front of the Duomo that are standing still and dressed up by any character that can come to your mind or those who “mysteriously” sit seemingly on nothing in the air (you have not yet understood that trick?!)

HE is definitely something more. Something that just the extravagant Milan can give us. With two bodyguards ho follow him. Serious, veeeery serious. He walks through the streets, parties, squares, pops out anywhere and makes photos and selfies with everyone but never say anything. Mute. Serious. Decent. Mysterious. Secret. (and pretty handsome, can i say it?!). As has always been Egypt.

So these days I would like to be everywhere at the same time. Because when I know something will happen (the most frequent social question is “Does anyone know what’s going on in Milan since there’s a Pharaoh in the city?!) but I do not know what and I do not know where, I would like to be a butterfly (fly is so banal, but the butterfly is so elegant, despite a bit slow) to be able to move immediately from one part to another of the city. So do not miss the moment.

I love surprises (never understand those who hate them). But at the same time suspense kills me. Because I have no control over the situation, so I could become the protagonist of an event from one moment to another as well as lose it and I do not like losing.
So what do I do?
I’ll wait.
And for me it’s the toughest thing in the world. I am the type of the person: “all and immediately”.

Maybe he is the one who has invented the way to attract attention for the upcoming coming fashion week? An aspiring “influencer”? Blogger? A TRUE Pharaoh?

Who is it?

Who? Who? Who?

P.s Not even my innate journalistic curiosity has produced the results. The Egyptian museum in Turin assures me that no Pharaoh is missing from the collection (in the voice on the other side I felt that they thought I was a bit crazy). THEN?!