Are you the ones who travel when others work? Those who do low cost holidays because off season? Yes? Well, you’re already my type.
But if you’re packing a tourist guide I have to say NO right away. Naaaa … overcome. Boring.
Implied. (ok, not all of them).
Sometimes so heavy that they are already half the weight of that allowed for a suitcase on board.

Or are you planning to go to the Tourist Office on site. But why waste precious, reaaaallyyyy precious time of your vacation?

Okay, if you are already one who knows everything” – you are saying – “What would you do?”

Simple. I would go to
Who better than someone who is living in a city can advise you on what to do? Who better than a local expert can recommend something that no tourist guide in the world would tell you? Go beyond the Eiffel Tower, the Duomo of Milan, the Coliseum, the Empire State Building and so on. Experience something the locals have found for you: An independent musician who plays in a place you will not find on any official guide, an interesting theater show, a small, hidden, intimate and very “local” place, the best cappuccino bar, a place where you can read the free newspapers, a hotel where you can enjoy cocktails, a terrace you could never find, a breathtaking courtyard, a condominium that makes you feel like a city resident.

How do you do it? Now you pretend too much … go to and you will find everything you need. The site is simple, intuitive and once used, you will not be able to give it up. The word of a foreigner in Milan who sometimes knows the places that the Milanese themselves do not know exist.
I swear.