– It’s suggestive. I’is magical. And it’s white. The most popular dinner in Milan is something you can not miss. Inspired by the Diner en Blanc in Paris, a strictly white dinner is a project of “Cena Con Me”, a flash mob in which the participants bring tables, tablecloths, dishes, food and chairs from home, and at the end they should clean everything . And the next date, unveiled only few hours ago is 05.07! Only for those who register themselves, the place will be revealed a day before. So harry up! –

– Yes you know how much I adore Milan . Because it’s a factory of ideas, a city inhabited by people who have imagination and immense creativity. So here it is the bar-concierge number 14. What is it?

At the first sight it’s a bar like so many that you can find in Milan, where you can eat and get a good coffee but with something more: Many services offered for free in a city like Milan can really save your the life (time for sure!) like: pick-up a package, a baby service / dog sitting, a contact for the plumber / electrician / anything you need, collection of clothes in the dry cleaners. Ask and it will be given to you. Because the Portineria 14 proposes the concept of the old Milanese concierge, of those now forgotten, based on mutual trust, that something that transforms a metropoli where everyone in running like crazy in a village where everything flows differently. And humanely –

– This is one very cool walk. Wow! as the Americans would say. It is a path of 250 meters with a spectacular view of Milan and its roofs. Or even the Alps if the weather is nice. But I recommend a night walk, so romantic, so special, which will make you forget the hustle of the city. And every time there is something different (a cinema, a picnic or some other surprise). If you want to stay up-to-date, take a look here – Highline Galleria

Path of the walk

Cinema on the roofs

Pic nic