In the instant when someone tells me: “Ah, I forgot, you have to take off your shoes in my house”, I have a second of … (muble, muble … I’m trying to find the right word) – Terror? Anxiety? Nervousness? Annoyance?

Yes, well… maybe annoyance is the right word.

As the person who asks me to take off my shoes before entering his house has all the right and his reasons for doing so, I have the right to feel discomfort.

That have nothing to do with the perforated socks, the strange smell of the feet, the nails in disarray. None of this (thanks to Chinese girls from Nail & co). It’s a gesture that does not make me feel at ease. As I do not like to see the shoes in front of the doors. Or imaging a party with a people without the shoes or in slippers. And then how we put it with strollers, dogs, etc. if we really want to talk about hygiene?

It is rare, not to say impossible, that my shoes are muddied like the boots of an English farmer (I do not know why english came to my mind…). And no, I do not want to wear your crocs or other slippers. Absolutely not.


Can I immerse the sole of shoes in some disinfectant? Or you have nylon slippers like those used in the operating room (even those are better  then to take shoes off!). Maybe there is a club like: Those who say NO to shoes outside the door or NO to take off the shoes in someone else’s home. If it exists, I will register immediately.

No I didn’t remember but you and your “funny” door mat are reminding me of it

I don’t feel welcome at all

I am more like this