Yes, we have seen this many times in the movies. One raises his hand and the taxi stops. In New York, for example. It is almost a symbol of the city, beyond it/s yellow color, that stopping in the street.

Like also in Berlin

Or in Hong Kong

In my hometown: Belgrade

In London too

I know, I’ve been there, sometimes I’ve lived there too.

So it’s kind of normal anywhere, except in Milan. In Milan it is a kind of treasure hunt and tourists who do not know that taxis do not stop here remain perplexed and exhausted looking for a taxi stop. In fact, last night returning from the center I saw several guys who raised their hands and were disconcerted to see that nobody stopped.

I now know that but I do not resign myself to this Milanese thing. I received the answers like “They can not steal work from colleagues who are waiting at stops, ecc.” – and this does not satisfy me because how rest of the world to this?

So if anyone knows why taxis in Milan can not stop in the street, let me know. I’m here, waiting for a taxi … I mean the Godot.