I’ve always been the one who looooves being at home. Not that I don’t like to meet my friends, indeed. But it would be great enough, if someone can transport me to the place where I have to meet them, the journey snorts me. And then all that planning like: “Yeah, we can meet! Let’s update next week though … “(At the end that update almost never arrives). The Milanese will not meet you if they have not planned it in the agenda months before. Does not exist: “Will you just come over?” On the contrary: It’s a pure horror if you dare to say something like that! And then they often make an appointment with you and then they canceling it saying that they have to do something else or to meet someone else. But what do you mean, am I so unimportant?! (They are not bad, they really have some other things to do that are more important in that moment, they are only sincere, no?).

My favorite position

My being “a housewife” and “sofa lover” is a thing known since I was a child. I was not partying, I did not like clubs. I am just one of those “home and book!” kind of people. Or film. Or the typewriter (now Mac) where I immerse myself in writing. I love staying at home. I love the intimacy of my small Milanese apartment. My mini balcony. I love inviting friends here. And I love going to their home. And it seems that I’m really trendy because I’ve read that “Staying at home is the new going out”! And being trendy today is important, isn’t it? (please note the slight irony in the sentence).